Lippan Kaam Mirror Workshop

As you make your way through the vast stretches of the Indian side of the world’s greatest salt desert (the Great Rann of Kutch) found in India and Pakistan, you will come across the odd bhunga (mud house) with walls beautifully-decorated in mostly circular mirror-work. This is Lippan Kaam.

Workshop Details

The workshop will start with making of the Lipan Kaam dough.

This will then be followed by moulding and pinching of the dough on the wooden blocks to create outlines and patterns.

The piece will be kept aside for drying and then painted in Multi colour or White as per your individual choices.

List of Material

  • 1 Round MDF 11″ Diameter
  • 1 Round Mirror 5″
  • Lipan Kaam Dough
  • Paints & Brushes
  • Small Decorative Mirrors to enhance the piece
  • References

You get to take back the piece you make, all other material for use during workshop.

Note: No certificate is provided for the workshop.