Leather Batik Workshop

Learn the ropes of this impressive and exclusive folk art at a one-of-a-kind workshop. Broaden your artistic and cultural horizons.

About Leather Batik

Leather art is a successful industry and is a craft that is practised only in 24 parganas of West Bengal. The style evolved as a result of the Art Movement and these products have now become globally famous for their appliqué, batik and embossed craftwork. This particular craft employs the cutting, polishing and embossing of leather by hand painting.
Creating traditional and modern patterns, this workshop is different from a run-of-the-mill intro to printed or coloured leather. The traditional motifs that depict floral and geometric designs and the natural dyes used in this process give it a very classy look.

List of Material

  • One goat leather piece
  • Rolling pin
  • Resist paste
  • Dyes
  • Cotton
  • A sheet of paper, Pencil, Eraser
  • Brushes
  • Old fabric for application
  • All other tools required for the craft
  • References