Basic Calligraphy Course (4 Days)

Calligraphy was once the skill of an honoured few, but now Calligraphy as an art form is enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages.

The word ‘Calligraphy” is derived form the greek word ‘Kalli” meaning beautiful and ‘Graphica’ meaning to write,

Over the years Calligraphy has spread to nearly every language in the world. Calligraphy can be learned by anybody who can hold a pen. A whole world of artists can grow out of a simple knowledge of the alphabet. Nothing replaces the prestige and beauty of fine handwriting.
All-in-all, Calligraphy as a general term simply means group of words conveying human thought written by hand.

Course Includes

  • Basic strokes
  • Lower Case
  • Upper Case
  • Measurements
  • Alignments
  • Paragraph
  • Calligraphy Design
  • Demonstration on writing with tools

List of Material

  • A Calligraphy Pen set
  • Graph Papers
  • Bond Papers
  • Butter Papers
  • Cartridge Sheets
  • Ink
  • All other stationery and tools required during the course.
  • References