Ribbon Embroidery

08 Jul 2021



Thu, 8 Jul 2021-04:00 PM To Fri, 9 Jul 2021-05:30 PM

Ribbon embroidery is stitching ribbons of vivid colours to create exquisite displays; the most common being lifelike flowers. The play among colours and the intersperse of the silk ribbons, lend a 3D dimension to the artwork and create a rich display of textures.

Learn about this intricate artwork as we take you through the process, one stitch at a time!

This is a two days detailed workshop (One and a half-hour per day) on zoom and no recordings will be provided.

*Pre-Registration is Mandatory.
Registration opens only for Mumbai.
The workshop will be conducted in Hindi.

What Do You Learn

Day 1
-Introduction to the artform and material
-Tracing of the design
-Basic stitches

Day 2
-Remaining of the stitches

Material kit includes

  • Cotton Lace-1
  • Fabric
  • Ring
  • Needles
  • Ribbons
  • Design sheet
  • Carbon sheet
  • Pencil
  • Scissor

Date: 8th & 9th July 2021 on Zoom
Time: 4:00 pm – 5:30pm pm IST
It might exceed by 15 mins since we will be teaching the details.
Fees: ₹3600/- (inclusive of a material kit)
Tickets once sold will not be refunded.

Please Note:-
• Tickets once sold cannot be refunded.
• Material kits will be delivered to you, once you register for the course.
• Bookings are open only for India.

• The zoom link will be sent to the registered number about 30 mins before the workshop schedule time on WhatsApp. If any participant doesn’t receive the link, they can send a WhatsApp message on +91-7506122332 along with their order id and we will share the link immediately.

• Sometimes there are network issues in the Zoom App or at the conductor’s residence. We request you to please be patient during such times. We shall try our best to give you the best experience and fix it asap.

•The picture shown in the post is just for your understanding, it need not be what is going to be taught in the class. We try and plan a subject which can give you the maximum insight into The Art form.

• The artwork may or may not finish during the session. We shall start and finish as much as possible and send you a complete image of what is taught during the session.

• We are more than happy to teach. Please note if time permits, we will answer all your queries during the class or try to email them to you.

Stay Safe!!