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The nature and beauty of Folk Art is that it’s inherently personal, created by the artisan in response to his environment, hopes and aspirations. Make this journey even more personal with our Bespoke Services!

At Iteeha, we are rooted in the power of hand-made, artisanal and inspired, thereby empowering us to create one-of-its-kind pieces. Our Bespoke Services create custom pieces for you, whether it’s home furnishings or clothing or any project you may have in mind!

From the very start, we work with our clients closely in order to understand what their vision, taste and aesthetic is. For instance, if you would like to showcase your roots, we work with techniques that are revered in the region you come from – from Bandhani in Gujarat to Pattachitra in Bengal!

The second step is presenting you with samples that we feel might suit your aesthetic, space and personality. Our talented in-house artisans create individualistic samples from where you can choose or give your feedback.

Once we have received the final approval of all elements, we go into creating your actual products! Depending on scale of project, it would take us any time between 1 week and 3 weeks to action it out.

Lastly, when your bespoke products are ready, the final step is handing over, and in certain cases, installation.

Wondering what can be made bespoke? Well, think about cushions, curtains, wallpaper, bed sheets, bed covers, table mats, runners, serviettes to your entire wardrobe as well! Contact us for more information.

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