As it was, as it is, as it will be.

Lore talks of stories and skills being passed down from one generation to the next under the shade of the Banyan tree. The bountiful tree gave shade and shelter, hope and a future to India’s people through the ages, from the Panchayat’s steady wisdom to the Gurukul’s experimental learnings. A space to share and to grow.

The story of India’s craftsmanship is a similar one – tips and tricks passed down orally, inspirations gleaned from the environment, and materials nothing but a quick trip to the market or the jungle can’t solve! What may today be known as hyper-local eco-friendly design was just the norm, back in the day.

As varied are the regions of India, so are their individual arts, folklores and cultures – and we at Iteeha seek to pay homage to these creators and innovators! Iteeha, inspired by its Sanksrit meaning of ‘According to Tradition’, seeks to uphold the spirit of these folk arts and crafts of India, through special workshops and design that stay true to the essence of each art form.

The beauty of Indian folk art lies in the stories they so eloquently describe. Inspired by their local surroundings, inspirations and mythologies, folk artists poured their world onto their art, such as the cloth-based scroll Odisha Pattachitra paintings featuring Lord Jagannath to the red ochre huts of Maharashtrian Warli painting featuring their take on nature and man to the hand embroidery artisans who create entire new landscapes and intricate details that make one exclaim in awe to the richly forested motifs and the rich Hindu epics that Kalamkari artists bring to life. Today, these skills are in grave danger as mindless urbanization is driving these traditional communities to explore newer ways of sustenance.

Working with artisans directly and staying true to the process and materials of each art form are at the heart of Iteeha. Since inception, Iteeha has been a design consultancy and an educational platform where we impart our knowledge of India’s fertile arts and crafts through our workshops and design.

With our design consultancy, we offer bespoke services for home décor, clothing and accessories to our clients, thereby creating something unique, yet something rooted in Indian tradition. Our aim is to spread our love and knowledge of Indian arts further this year, which is reflected in our launch of products inspired by techniques, processes and stories of India. At the heart of it, our products line featuring stoles, dupattas and scarves, seek to contemporize traditional folk art while respecting the artists behind it – each and every piece is handcrafted to ensure that due credit is given to the artists and their techniques!

Indian folk art is a living, breathing symbol of our rich material culture; it’s not just cemented in the past but is dynamic. At Iteeha, join us in bringing this physical reminder of our rich history and heritage back to life!