Shibori Workshop (Tie and Dye)
Shibori is the Japanese art of stitched and bound resist. It is a time consuming craft, often requiring many hours of binding, stitching and pulling up of threads, followed by multiple dyeing processes. This and the variations in tension and pressure applied in construction leads to producing a unique of its kind piece.

Learn the traditional methods through a series of techniques. Experience the blissfull feeling of playing with vibrant colours while creating your own master piece. The curriculum includes learning a number of traditional Japanese and Indian patterns, which can be then modified to suit your own design. Learn how to dye with different class of dyes as well as to unpick your finished work to reveal your designs.

This session expands the range of Shibori techniques from the Beginners, Intermediary and Advanced Shibori and Traditional Indian Tie and Dye, focusing on clamping and other resist techniques.

  • Basic tying with thread
  • Folding
  • Pleating
  • Bandhadi
  • Knotting
  • Clamps
This workshop will teach folding techniques for preparing fabric for clamp and thread resist dying to create symmetrical patterns, equilateral triangles, right angle triangles and squares. These can be varied to achieve different effects.

Apart from the traditional Japanese and Indian techniques the latter parts of the workshop will include combination techniques and abstract tie and dye for a twist in the age-old stereotype look.
  • Rod / Glass bottle resist
  • Combination clamps
  • Trick-tick (stitching)
  • Rushing
The final stage of the workshop is our very own and special creation of tie and dye paintings. Participants enrolling for this course will create seascapes and landscapes in Shibori.

This is a specialized course in the ancient Japanese art of Shibori, using stitch, bound and clamped resist techniques to create intricate patterns and textures on scarves, table linen, garments, bed spreads and painting.

On completion of the class, participants will confidently be able to:
- Use different binding, stitching, free clamping and board clamping techniques for resist dyeing
- Use different clamps on the same piece to achieve different effects
- Set up various dye baths and learn how to get different shades of these lovely dye classes on various fabrics.
- Unpick your finished work to reveal your designs

You will need:
Bring along some small textile articles to up cycle, e.g napkins, t-towel, t-shirt, pillow case or 'fat quarters' (NB: fabrics which are natural fibres, cotton or linen would be ideal and must have been washed and dried in advance of the workshop. The fabrics can have a slight print on it, which will get over dyed).

Rest all materials required will be provided to all the participants.

Material given by us:
  • Fabric – silk / cotton
  • Dyes
  • Gloves
  • Clamps
  • Study manual
  • Thread- jute, mochi and stitching thread with needle
  • Needle
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